CryoBIND AC susceptibillity systems

nano-EMU Sensitivity?

How do we know about sensitivity? Here is how:

In order to achieve the highest level of sensitivity and to get rid of the coil-misbalance offset voltages a special hardware has been used and integrated into the measuring system (Model T).

Owing to improved signal-to-noise performances this measuring system reaches the sensitivity level (expressed in equivalent magnetic moment, defined as Δm= Δχ • Hac• V, Δχ is susceptibility resolution of the apparatus, Hac primary field and V volume of the sample) better than 2 nanoEMU.

We illustrate hereby the measurements on small Nb platelet performed with the latter sensitivity.

AC susceptibility measurement on Nb platelet (m=6.4 mg), taken with CryoBIND T. The measurement has been performed in the temperature sweep mode with applied (primary) magnetic field of Hac=76 mOe at frequency of 230 Hz. The region between the broken lines (doubled standard deviation) has been taken as an estimate for susceptibility resolution.